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For an amount over ,000, you must claim through Court of Queen’s Bench.Because it is possible that the criminal offence of fraud has been committed, you can also make a complaint to the police.Your action would be processed through the civil courts.For any amount up to ,000, you can claim through Provincial Court.

Together, we share a dream of meaningful family life and community inclusion for individuals with developmental disabilities.

In any situation where there are rights and obligations granted to married spouses, it is important to look into which of those rights are also extended to adult interdependent partners.

The Adult Interdependent Relationships Act states that all the circumstances of the relationship must be looked at to see if it is indeed an adult interdependent relationship.

However, in order for the relationship to be recognized by the law, the relationship must have certain characteristics that are set out in the law.

The significance of a couple being recognized as an adult interdependent relationship is the rights, benefits and responsibilities that will then arise under other laws.

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