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Even if the Alabama GOP lets down its firewall against write-in candidates, Moore still probably holds the edge.Merrill has said that there’s no precedent for a viable write-in candidacy in the state’s history, and there’ve been three total write-in candidates to win Senate races in national history, including one seat for a special two-month term in California in 1946.A complicated labyrinth of Alabamian election laws makes it difficult to force Moore out or replace him with another Republican candidate, and accordingly, Republicans in the state appear to be in no hurry to force him to step aside.As reports, the Alabama Republican Party’s central steering committee plans to meet this week to discuss Moore’s nomination, which only they can withdraw.

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Two days later, the state supreme court ruled that Arne Carlson, the state auditor who’d lost to Grunseth in the primary, could take Grunseth’s place on the ballot. Before that election, Carlson was the face of a vibrant write-in candidacy, but in Alabama, the idea of supporting a write-in campaign itself is further increasing the entropy within the state GOP.

There is also Beverly Young Nelson, who claims Moore attempted to rape her when she was 16, and who provided proof that Moore, then 30, signed her high-school yearbook.

Then there are reports from several named sources around the town that Moore’s flirting with teenagers was “common knowledge,” confirmation of that common knowledge from a former colleague, and a story from the that Moore had been banned from both the Gadsden Mall and YMCA for pursuing teenage girls as an adult.

The study reported that school shooters lived with both parents in "an ideal, All-American family." Some perpetrators were children of divorce, or lived in foster homes. Some experts such as Alan Lipman have warned against the dearth of empirical validity of profiling methods. In addition, psychologist Peter Langman has noted that school shooters typically fall into one (or occasionally two) of three categories: psychopathic, psychotic, or traumatized.

While it may be simplistic to assume a straightforward "profile", the study did find certain similarities among the perpetrators. Perpetrators who "run amok" in schools and other public settings do also share in common a severe lapse or more pervasive deficit in their capacity for empathy coupled with their inability to contain their aggression—this may be due to their psychopathy, psychotic symptoms (i.e.

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