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Pam has “a midwestern twang and a face cut from a high school yearbook photo.” But she is so desperate for housing that she tolerates a racist boyfriend who makes her biracial daughters chant “White power!” It’s not easy to show desperate people using drugs or selling sex and still convey their courage and dignity. It is odd that the shortage of low-income housing gets little attention, even among experts on the left.

The landlord, Tobin Charney, “a hard man with squinting eyes,” won a reprieve in part by having sympathetic tenants tell Desmond, who is white, moved across the residentially segregated city to the black ghetto on the near north side.He’s one of a rare academic breed: a poverty expert who engages with the poor. Crystal, who takes in Arleen, had parents on crack and got passed around to two dozen foster homes.She ends up homeless and prostituting herself, but never misses church.Desmond’s survey found that more than one in eight Milwaukee renters faced a forced move in the course of three years.That includes all involuntary moves, such as those resulting from building condemnations, and is roughly three times the comparable estimate found in census data.

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