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The clerk waived to Pablo and motioned for them to go on in. It was very dark inside, so it took a few seconds for Jen's eyes to adjust to the dark after being in the bright sunlight.Once adjusted, Jen quickly realized this was not a steakhouse, but rather a gentlemen's strip club.Pablo reached up and grabbed one of the vibrators hanging on the wall and handed it to Jen.It was a fairly standard cylindrical vibrator about seven inches long.Pablo asked Jen, "Please show me your panties so I may see the color today." Today, Jen wore a short zip up jacket and fluttery skirt. They went back to the dressing rooms and she started modeling the outfits for him one by one.She expected, and hoped, Pablo would continue their naughty game and make her flash him throughout the day. As Jen finished trying one outfit, Pablo handed her another. The front only had two very thin straps going down her boobs that met just below her stomach.They continued conversing for a while and Pablo suddenly stopped walking. There were at least half a dozen couples in the store and ten or more women by themselves.Jen turned to look back at him to see why he had stopped. They combed through the racks and Pablo grabbed several things for Jen to try.

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After the waiter took their order, Pablo asked, "Did you like showing off the lingerie to me." Still slightly mad at Pablo for putting her on display, Jen replied, "Yes. Despite being mad at Pablo for doing it, she realized it did excite her to have the other men looking at her. They turned the corner and Pablo motioned for them to go into the next store. " Pablo responded, "A toy store." Jen was puzzled since the storefront had paint over all the windows and she wondered why Pablo would want to go look at toys.They bought several sets of lingerie, including a very sexy cup-less bra and thong set that Jen was thankful she didn't have to model for the other men in the store.Being slightly mad at Pablo, she didn't say anything until they left the store.Please let's stop for a drink." Having liked the bar they went to last night, Jen replied, "Ok, sure." They continued to chat as they walked toward the bar.Jen was busy chatting so didn't really notice the place as they were walking in the door other than she caught that the place didn't have any windows.

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