Dating a successful lawyer

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Maybe it is both a pro and a con, since it makes us wonder what happened after the ending. The story is very interesting, well-written, and well-executed. The female lead was beautiful in first ep, the heck happened to the hair stylist, whats with that short bangs, there will be more hair styles that will make you look matured., her hair always bothers me., actually.. I'm secretly rooting for him even though I know it's a lost cause. Also the actor and the actrees is good of Act :-) Love them and I always love korean drama. This is my first time watching the female lead and she is damn good in her role and acting! Yun woo jin because he make successful in marriage not dating drama, one of cable tv drama that hit rating more than 3% on rating, actually only high class drama with good story can hit rating those far...Thankyou korea hahahaha I want to download the ringtone of Go Cheok Hee, which one the voice is "HHAHAHAHAHA" that makes me crious about the ringtone. All the cast are doing a fabulous work and love the story and the flow of the drama. i will difenetly watch this show, two thumbs up for yeon woo jin his acting skills in MARIAGE not DATING is superb kudos for my idol YEON WOO JIN OPPA can't wait to see you acting again and am still looking forward for this show to be aired on SBS , . SBS choose Yun woo jin because he make successful in marriage not dating drama, one of cable tv drama that hit rating more than 3% on rating, actually only high class drama with good story can hit rating those far...Character development: The way the drama gave life to its primary characters is very astounding.The main and the supporting characters all have their own unique traits, or say identities, in which the drama did a good job in building up through the 18 episodes.

To protect the applicant’s physical address once a Safe at Home address has been issued, applicants should use the substitute address for all purposes, including on court documents.

But, its the supporting characters that makes it perfect. I mean if she was a man, would anybody really hate her character? She is a really well constructed character for a korean drama.

Especially the officemates of Cheok Lee and Jung Woo when she was an office manager, and Ming Gyu. i start watching this drama with so many good expectation bcs i fall in love with yeon woo jin after watching marriage not dating. i cant enjoy this drama and the worst is i cant feel the chemistry between the main character. i really dont like her trying-to-cute voice, and her acting is not that good tho? ugh her eyebrow is so fake it also annoying After the first 2 or so episode the drama gets A LOT better, trust me. I hope that wont change as it goes Don't like character Ko Cheok Hee here though I like Cho Yeo Jeong.

It presents us that to love is of human nature by showing the love in our life in its many forms.

However, it also presented that humans are naturally fearful of getting hurt or hurting others, but it showed that to love is to not fear but to trust.

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