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The name is connected with the exclamation "Man hu", which the Israelites uttered on first seeing it.

This expression since the time of the Septuagint is generally translated "What is this?

These grains are described as resembling coriander seed and bdellium, with a taste like "flour with honey", or "bread tempered with oil" ( Exodus ; Numbers 11:7-8 ).

Most of these objections apply also to the juice exuded by the Camel's Thorn ( Alhagi Camelorum ), which is sometimes considered identical with Biblical manna.

It does not decay and breed worms, but keeps indefinitely after it is collected.

Besides, being almost pure sugar, it could hardly form the chief nourishment of a people for forty years.

Though it was probably eatable in the natural state, it was usually ground in a mill or beaten in a mortar and then boiled and made into cakes.

As a reminder to future generations, a vessel filled with manna was placed near the Ark of the Covenant .

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