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We take no responsibility for the content on any websites which we link to.Please use your own discretion while surfing this website.Salmonidae is a family of ray-finned fish, the only living family currently placed in the order Salmoniformes.It includes salmon, trout, chars, freshwater whitefishes, and graylings, which collectively are known as the salmonids.Current evidence done with molecular clock analyses revealed that much of the speciation of the group occurred during periods of intense climate change associated with the last ice ages, with especially-high speciation rates being observed in salmonids that developed an anadromous lifestyle.Together with the closely related Esociformes (the pikes and related fishes), Osmeriformes (e.g.

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Historically, the whole-genome duplication event was thought to be the reason for the variation within Salmonidae.Suggestions have gone back as far as the early Miocene (about 20 mya).Based on the most current evidence, salmonids diverged from the rest of teleost fish no later than 88 million years ago, during the late Cretaceous.The presence of these species so far inland established that Oncorhynchus was not only present in the Pacific drainages before the beginning of the Pliocene (~5–6 mya), but also that rainbow and cutthroat trout, and Pacific salmon lineages had diverged before the beginning of the Pliocene.Consequently, the split between Oncorhynchus and Salmo (Atlantic salmon) must have occurred well before the Pliocene.

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