Dinner dating in cheshire

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Seema prepares her Autumn/Winter fashion collection while Missé gets back into modelling as a runway bride.

Ampika offers an olive branch to Tanya but will she be forgiven?

Lauren gives Ampika her own dose of ‘bad energy’, while Leanne and Dawn give each other the cold-shoulder. Ampika drops a bombshell causing a drama with Dawn, and Seema puts Ampika and Lauren in their place.

Lauren kick starts her career and newly found independence, but drops a huge bombshell at the end of the night.

Seema takes her latest collection to Paris Fashion Week with Tanya, Missé and Stacey, who are surprised when a couple of unexpected guests crash the fashion show.

Tanya prepares for the imminent arrival of Baby Bardsley with a visit from the Baby Whisperer.

Lauren is fuming with Seema after their dinner party bust up.

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