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That impulsive nature means Aries is partial to a quick tryst in an unusual spot and as ruler of the head, you'll likely enjoy extra hair tousling.

It's no surprise that sensuous Taurus enjoys sensual pleasures such as bubble baths, silken sheets and luxurious massages.

As an energetic you appreciate switching positions throughout sex.

Aquarians can also seem a little detached when it comes to love as they're more likely to be dreaming with their heads in the clouds than thinking of earthly pleasures.

As a Taurus you're in touch with all the senses and are aroused by sound, sight, taste, smell and touch.

Being ruled by planet of communication Mercury means seductive talk is the way to a Gemini's heart, and they enjoy the conversation continuing during lovemaking.

Tantric sex is also an ideal practice for sensitive Pisces who likes to explore beyond the limitations of the body and go deep into the subconscious mind.

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