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Perhaps because it was sort of a soft way to play with sexuality without falling into sex and vulgarity.

I also started experimenting and found it very nice to sunbathe topless for the sense of freedom that it gave me.

She could only see me from the waist up but we both knew I had no clothes on because we had talked about that and they both knew my wife and I were nudists – besides that, once or twice while I was on a ladder I am sure she must have seen me wearing nothing but a tool belt. If she did she must have been very comfortable with it because she never commented on it.And we also spent a night there, sleeping in a tent.The next morning, at dawn, I also did something that I did not think I would ever be able. At first I pulled myself straight by saying: “Get your thing done and go away”, so I approached the showers holding that thought.In short, what I thought would be an annoying, proved anything but that.In that little corner of paradise we went back at other times (consistent with the work commitments of my friend).

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