Right wing dating uk

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Denmark Danish People's party (DPP)Key figure: Pia Kjaersgaard (leader, DPP) The ultra-right DPP swept into parliament as the country's third-largest party following the 2001 elections, taking 12% of the vote and 22 seats under Denmark's partial PR system.Now underpinning a centre-right government coalition, it has drafted tough new asylum policies and cut aid to the developing world.Defying international criticism, Mr Berlusconi gave three cabinet posts to the Northern League, despite the fact that it only polled 4% of the vote, and one key post to Gianfranco Fini.With policies such as authorising coastguards to shoot human traffickers and the belief that the EU is run by paedophiles, the Northern League's inclusion in government prompted widespread concern across Europe.In the 1998 parliamentary elections, the REP and DVU mustered just 1.8% and 1.2% respectively - way off the 5% hurdle over which votes can translate into seats under Germany's dual PR/first past the post electoral system.However, these parties have had limited successes at local level, and since the Kohl era, anti-immigrant policies have made it on to the national agenda.

Mr Le Pen's vote held up and even increased marginally in some constituencies, raising the unwelcome prospect of a strong showing for the FN in France's parliamentary elections next month.However, the FPO is still strongly supported in parts of its southern electoral heartlands - Mr Haider's achievements are likely to endure for some time.Special report: Austria Belgium Flemish Block (VB)Key figure: Frank Vanhecke (VB's president)The far-right Vlaams Blok became the biggest political force in its Flemish stronghold city, Antwerp, in October 2000, taking 20 out of 50 seats on the city council.The Netherlands Pim Fortuyn's List (LPF), Liveable Netherlands Key figure: Mat Herben (leader, LPF)Mat Herben, a former defence ministry spokesman and the current LPF party spokesman, now leads the party that still bears the name of his predecessor, who was shot dead on May 7.In general elections on May 15, LPF came second only to the centre-right Christian Democrat party (CDA), winning 26 parliamentary seats in its first ever election contest.

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