Updating xml in sql

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and same for the back UP AND BACKUP that I have 1000 rows to update the xml column.'); INSERT INTO #b VALUES (1, '123'); INSERT INTO #b VALUES (2, '888'); UPDATE a SET x.modify('insert attribute userid into (aprover)[1]') FROM #a a INNER JOIN #b b ON = b.id; SELECT * FROM #a; DROP TABLE #a; DROP TABLE #b; please bare me because i am new to xml.This is what i have to do I have user table with 2 columns userid and username workflow table has xml column which contains 1000 columns in each rowit contains more than one approver node. as xmlrowi need to write a script which will update workflow table at a shot such way that script should get the username from the approver node and get the userid of that username from user table and add that attribute to the each row i need to update the You can certainly do it using a loop and so on.First, take a look at Brett's helpful blog here: post the following:1. Post two rows of data, that's all that is required.If the XML is very large, you can remove some of the elements, but whatever is left out has to be representative and well-formed.2.But if the data is indeed XML, it would be more reliable to do the update using xquery.

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Exult for SQL Server includes a command line interface which makes updating data from XML feeds in SQL Server very easy.

Check out the example usages below, schedule the updates using Windows Scheduler, and the data from the XML feeds will be automatically updated!

I have to update a permanent table named LOGG which contains 100.000 rows.

The LOGG table has a numer of columns and one of them is the XML column lets call it ADDRESS and it's just some of the node values in that particular column that I want to modify (the misspelled ones).

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