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Therein, they are called "distinguishing signs of the place of registration" of vehicles.There's a list of them on this United Nations Economic Commission for Europe page. Neil Parker, John Weeks, and Reg Wilson (of Europlate), in their book "Registration Plates of the World" (ISBN 0-9502735-6-2 paperback, 0-9502735-7-0 hardback), list the codes actually being used on vehicles. Parker) is the primary source of the data given in the table above. Faroe Islands changed from FR to FO in the mid-1990s), the old stickers don't disappear in a flash.Selected standard codes for the countries are shown.There is also an indication of which entities are or are not independent countries.Benefit from our knowledge as ICANN accredited domain registrar since almost 20 years. Use dynamic DNS, create email addresses, fully control your domain - all included. Your benefits summarized The new TLD .health will be available on on December 5th from UTC and can be registered for USD 95.00. It treats Palestine as the Gaza Strip (GZ) plus the West Bank (WE); also, a code is assigned to No Man's Land (NM), a small and winding band of neutral territory near Jerusalem.Since Kosovo declared independence, it has treated Serbia as Serbia proper (RI) plus Kosovo (KV).

a It shows United States Minor Outlying Islands as nine countries: Baker Island (FQ), Howland Island (HQ), Jarvis Island (DQ), Johnston Atoll (JQ), Kingman Reef (KQ), Midway Islands (MQ), Navassa Island (BQ), Palmyra Atoll (LQ), and Wake Island (WQ).Getting and managing domain names has never been so easy. ID is short and generally associated with "identification" which makes it perfect for many different kinds of websites and not just for individuals or businesses from Indonesia. No hidden costs - but with lots of advantages and features! The 2004 edition of the CIA World Factbook explains why it has added country listings for Akrotiri and Dhekelia, two British military bases in Cyprus.They were assigned the GEC codes AX and DX, respectively, by FIPS Change Notice 12, dated 2007-06-11.

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